7 Signs You Need to Replace your Window Coverings

Window coverings are a critical component of every home’s interior design as they supply much-need privacy, solar protection, and temperature regulation, all while adding to the aesthetic of your design. Unfortunately, window treatments do not last forever, and eventually, a window covering replacements will become required to maintain your home’s appearance and functionality. How does one know when it is time to make the switch? We have compiled a list of seven easily recognizable signs to aid you in knowing when the time has come to replace your window coverings.

Your Energy Bill Has Increased Dramatically

One of the easiest signs that you need a window covering replacement is when your energy bills have gone up, but nothing in your life has changed to indicate why it is happening. If it’s not rising energy prices, an old HVAC, or a new person living in your home, you may want to take a second look at your aging window coverings. 

Old or damaged window coverings simply cannot trap air well enough to maintain the internal temperature of your home, slowly letting your heating or cooling reach the windows and dissipate into thin air. We recommend switching to honey-comb-shaped cell window treatments if you live in a region that experiences scorching summers and frigid winters, as this style is one of the premier choices for insulation. 

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The Windows Coverings are Broken, Stained, Discolored, or Faded

Have you noticed that your current window coverings are looking a bit worse for wear? As with any home item, they get used and abused. Window coverings are especially vulnerable to sticky fingers, sun discoloration, and rough operation. When window coverings start to look old and gross, they can quickly deteriorate the overall aesthetic of your home. We recommend getting a window covering replacement every five to 10 years to keep your home looking in tip-top shape.  

Plus, if any of your window coverings have become broken to the point where they are sticking out or are sharp, these pose a serious safety risk to the occupants of your home. In this case, we recommend removing that window covering or taping it up until you can get a replacement. 

You’ve Added Children to the Home

Whether you have brought new life to this world, or your home has become a place where nieces and nephews, neighborhood kids, or those in need of babysitting frequent, you must have a safe home. Homeowners often forget how dangerous window cords can be; children can easily get tripped up or tangled in the cables. When tangled, children can get seriously injured, and in some cases, death has occurred. Therefore, if you frequently have children in your home, we highly recommend removing any cord blinds and getting a window covering replacement. We suggest motorized blinds, cordless roller shades, or plantation shutters. 

Easy Operation of Window Coverings is Failing

Your window coverings should always be easy to operate. There should never have to be a special trick to show guests to get the blinds to go up or down! If your window coverings are challenging to raise and lower, or you notice that cords have become frayed or broken, it is time for a window covering replacement. While you may have become used to the hassle of your existing coverings, you will immensely enjoy the ease and convenience of new equipment.  

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The Window Coverings Are Outdated

Styles and trends change throughout the years, and what was once a magnificent window covering now looks outdated. Whether you had wildly colored blinds, drapes with delicate motifs, or something else that went with the times, they likely look out of place in your home, especially if you have changed up your interior aesthetic. 

We recommend swapping your window coverings every time you get new home furniture, paint the walls a new color, or enhance the overall appearance of a room. With complementary window coverings, it will add an extra drop of style to your already transcendent vision. 

Your Current Window Treatments Needs Have Changed 

Our homes are a reflection of our lives, continually changing and evolving with us as we pass through the different seasons of life. There will come a time when your current window treatments will no longer meet your needs, cueing the process of window covering replacement. 

Just a few examples to help recognize when your needs have changed include when you:

  • Are getting a glare from the TV, even when window coverings are closed
  • Have trouble maintaining the temperature of your home
  • Have neighbors or passersby who can see easily into your home
  • Find yourself wishing a window covering was different

You Just Got New Windows Installed!

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Congratulations on your new windows! Installing new windows is an incredible way to enhance the aesthetic of your home, increase home value, lower energy consumption, and add much-needed functionality. The one downside to new windows is that they often alter the windows’ frame depth, making it impossible for old blinds to work on the new windows. Now is the perfect time to get a window covering replacement and get both aspects of your home updated in one easy swoop! 

The Blind Guy of the Tri-Cities

Have you recognized any of the seven signs of window covering replacements above in your home? If you are located in the Tri-Cities or surrounding areas of Washington, the Blind Guys are here to aid you in your window treatment updates. Set up a consultation with us today! Want to see your options before meeting with us? Check out our partnered manufacturers to get an idea of our products. By picking out your favorites, we can help you quickly determine which treatments will best suit your home needs.