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Sunny Tri-Cities, WA

Patio Shades in Tri-Cities

Let’s be honest; while the setting sun is gorgeous, the sun glaring in your eyes as you try to have a heartfelt conversation as you sip cocktails on the back porch with your best friend can be downright annoying. That is why patio shades in Tri-Cities homes are a must for every homeowner. Not only do they protect your items from sun damage, but they add essential privacy, increase the value of your home, block annoying outside elements, and allow you to control your light allowances easily.

You can turn your outdoor living space into a vacation resort with the right patio shade. Also known as exterior solar shades, various designs, materials, and aesthetics are available depending on your specific needs and preferences.

Regarding functionality, there are two operation methods to choose from; a continuous-loop lift or a motorized lift. The continuous-loop lift is the most common option due to its affordability. This looped cord allows homeowners to raise their patio shade to the desired height. With a motorized lift, you don’t need to leave your seat. With a touch of a button, you can adjust your patio shades to block out the sun’s hot glare or lift it to see the stars twinkling in the night sky. While a bit more expensive, this functionality provides ease of convenience, style, and extra value to your patio shades.

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