Custom Window Shades

Privacy, Comfort, & Adjustable Lighting

A home is a place where one craves privacy, comfort, and ability to adjust their home to suit their needs at any given moment. As a homeowner, you both want to protect your personal belongings from the harsh rays of the sun and maintain healthy functionality within the home. With custom shade treatments, you can design and have installed the optimal shades for your home, aesthetics, and functions. Which shades are right for you? Check out these options for shades in Tri-Cities.

Honeycomb & Pleated Shades

Honeycomb and pleated shades offer homeowners sound insulation and energy efficiency while providing complementary color, pattern, and texture to a design. Available in a variety of colors, textures, and fabrics, this shade option can be both modern and elegant.

Designer Specialty Shades

As a homeowner with unique needs and preferences, choosing shades in Tri-Cities standard model may not be enough to meet your requirements. Therefore, we offer our clients designed specialty shades that can be customized to the exact dimensions and design you require.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are a highly functional and versatile window covering option. They range from translucent models to pure black out shades to suit the homeowners preferred lighting requirements. As a standalone option, roller shades provide a sleek aesthetic. They can also be paired with drapery of other window covering treatments to fit a variety of styles and functions.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are a popular window treatment for homeowners due to their unique appearance that can act both as a subtle complement to an existing design or as a pop of color and texture. Whether homeowners want to utilize the insulating backing, specialty trim, or hook up automation, these shades provide endless design possibilities.

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