Custom Blind Treatments

Privacy, Comfort, & Adjustable Lighting

Your home is your sanctuary; with it, you will crave privacy, comfort, and the ability to adjust your lighting to suit your unique preferences. Plus, you never want the sun to damage your beloved belongings, which is why blinds are a necessity to protect your home and items. With custom blind treatments, you can design and have installed the optimal blinds for your home, aesthetics, and functions. Which blinds are right for you? Check out these options for blinds in Tri-Cities.

Wood Blinds

Classic and calming, wood blinds are a versatile style of window covering that can be easily utilized in a variety of home aesthetics. Wood blinds provide light control, energy savings, and privacy while still creating a cozy atmosphere. Being easy to clean and coming in a variety of sizes, shapes, and high-end finishes, wood blinds are a timeless favorite for blinds in Tri-Cities.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the optimal choice for homeowners with large windows or glass doorways. Through their specialized construction, vertical blinds can easily accommodate these expansive spaces with options spanning various materials and designs. Due to their easy functionality, light control, and view preservation, they are a favorite among homeowners who love looking out their windows.

Aluminum Blinds

Sleek, durable, and budget-friendly aluminum blinds have transformed over the years from being a stark one-size-fits-all design to now providing a diverse portfolio of options. With varying slat widths and customizable features, aluminum blinds are ideal for affordable modern décor.

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