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Shutters in Tri-Cities

While interior shutters were once a design choice common in the south, shutters in Tri-Cities, WA, have become popular in recent years as homeowners recognize the benefits these shutters provide. Interior shutters in Tri-Cities homes offer energy savings, safe functionality for children and pets, lighting control, and extra privacy. Add on the beauty and sophistication of the shutters, and you will have a functional home element ready to meet all your needs.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are the preferred option for regions prone to hot, humid weather as they are highly resistant to warping, chipping, and cracking. Budget-friendly, beautiful, and easy to clean, plantation shutters make an excellent addition to any home.

Hardwood Shutters

Hardwood shutters are the chameleon of the shutter world. Whether homeowners want to leave the original wood with a clear finish to create an accent in their interior design or they choose to paint them to match or complement them as a background element, hardwood shutters can seamlessly flow into any design. Their durability and ease of use provide homeowners with long-term functionality and style.

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