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Custom Drapes Ordered to Your Design

Drapes offer homeowners exponential benefits, from energy saving to privacy to light control. Whether you want to maintain your heating during the cold winter, prevent your nosey neighbor from looking in the windows, or stop the sun from glaring on the TV, drapes provide a functional, distinct style that complements many homes’ interior designs.

Located in Richland, Washington, The Blind Guys offer our clients a wide array of drapery options, including soundproof drapes, sheer drapes, ripple fold drapes, pinch pleat drapes, pocket rod drapes, grommet drapes, and side panels. Of course, even a vast selection of drapes does not mean that what you envision is going to be available. Custom drapes can be ordered to design if you have oddly shaped or overtly large windows, a unique style idea, or specific preferences that go beyond the average drape capabilities.

Get Your In-Home Estimate Today!

Are there specific drapes calling your name, or do you need more options? We encourage you to review our manufacturers for examples of our drapes and then give us a call today or complete our contact form to schedule your custom drapes in-home estimate.

To order custom drapes, we recommend speaking with a qualified specialist for guidance. Reach out to us to schedule a consultation with our on-site experts. They will measure, order, and install your drapes quickly and efficiently to ensure you get the window covering you need when you need it.