How Installing New Blinds Can Save You Money on Your Energy Bill

Did you know that 30% of your home’s heating energy is lost through windows? Rather than letting your dollars literally go out the window, a simple blind installation can decrease your energy bill and save you thousands of dollars. Keep reading to learn how a blind installation conserves energy, how to use them to its fullest, and what style provides the biggest bang for the buck! 

How Blind Installation Can Save You Money

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Blind installations are essentially operable window insulation. Similar to how the insulation in the walls decreases energy from being lost from the house, blinds act in the same manner. With this extra covering, windows can preserve heating and cooling depending on the time of year. 

How to Use Your Blinds to the Fullest 

To use one’s blind installation to the fullest takes minimal effort; a simple addition to a morning and evening routine will suffice. What actions are taken twice a day depends on the season. 

In the summer, it is recommended to close the blinds in the morning. Since 76% of the sunlight that hits a window results in home heat gain, this can minimize air-conditioner use. Of course, homeowners don’t have to close every blind, just the ones that get direct sunlight. The rest can be left open to allow in natural light, so fewer lights need to be on during the day, a double win in energy conservation! Once the sun has set, the blinds can be opened back up to let cooler nighttime air naturally lower the heat of the house. 

In the winter, the process is essentially the reverse. In the morning, homeowners will want to open up any blinds that receive direct sunlight to let natural heat into the home. Then, the blinds should be closed at night to prevent heat loss. 

Key Benefits of Blind Installation

In addition to saving money on your energy bill, a blind installation comes with the following four benefits. 

1. Minimalized Glare

One of the worst aspects of sunshine is glare. Whether the sunlight is bouncing off of a shiny car, a white house, or a décor item perched on the front porch, even the smallest glare can feel blinding. In addition to glare coming in through the windows, sunlight filtering in can create a glare on our screens. We all know what it’s like to be watching something on TV with the sunlight making a terrible reflection. With blinds, one can simply adjust the blind to block the glare, inside or out! 

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2. Increased Privacy

Let’s be honest; privacy is a critical aspect of our homes. As much as we may love our neighbors (or not), we don’t want them to be privy to every aspect of our lives. In addition, we certainly don’t want strangers to have full visual access to our homes, family, and possessions. A blind installation can prevent unwanted peeking, keeping your home safe and secure. 

3. Reduced Solar Damage

Sunlight is a damaging element of nature that can fade furniture, paint, flooring, and every other humanmade product in our home. Homes without blinds often end up with sunspots; for example, leaving a section of a couch far more faded than the rest. With blind installation, homeowners can minimize solar damage and increase the beauty and longevity of their household components. 

4. Extra Comfort Every Day

Having blinds adds an extra layer of comfort to a home. Whether one wants to block the morning sunlight from disrupting their sleep, prevent street lights from lighting up a dark room, or even stop pets from going wild at the sight of the mail delivery person, blinds can make a huge difference in how you and those in your home react to the outside world. 

What Blinds Installation Works Best?

Insulated cellular shades are considered to be the top protector against energy loss for blind installation. Insulated cellular shades are made of pleated materials with layers of honeycomb cross-sections. The air pockets in the honeycomb design act as insulators, often providing homes with 10% energy savings! In addition, these particular shades have various operable options, such as working offside tracks, folding like an accordion, or even being automated. 

A cheaper alternative to insulated cellular shades is window quilts. Attached on Velcro or snaps, one can roll up these simple blinds. While they require far more time to operate, they provide a similar level of protection. 

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that the most significant energy conservation comes from exterior shutters and shades. Often made from a variety of materials, such as fabric, wood, steel, aluminum, or vinyl, this addition can make a tremendous difference in an energy bill. 

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Of course, there are more than two options for blind coverings. Other popular options are roller and roman shades, louvered blinds, curtains, drapes, and window films. The quality of each style is heavily dependent on who makes them. Due to this, it is always wise to choose a reputable window covering manufacturer to buy from. In addition, some styles work better than others depending on the home, window type, sun tracking, and more. We recommend speaking with a professional installer to determine which blind installation will benefit your home the most. 

Blind Installation with The Blind Guys

If you are located in Tri-Cities, Yakima, or the surrounding areas, you can trust your blind installation to The Blind Guys. You can rely on us to measure, design, and install top-quality shades, blinds, and shutters. Not only will you decrease your energy bill, but you will achieve greater functionality, comfort, and beauty in your home. To schedule a consultation, please complete our contact form