How to Achieve a Minimalist Look with Your Blind Installation

Minimalism is the practice of removing excess items in a home to create an uncluttered atmosphere that focuses more on intentional living rather than the accumulation of “stuff.” Each item in the house serves a specific purpose that benefits the occupants in some way. As a trending interior design practice, homeowners can utilize this theory with their blind installation to create compelling and thoughtful spaces within their homes. 

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The Benefits of Minimalism in Interior Design 

Minimalism is trending as a sustainable, healthy approach to living in everything from fashion to food to design. This generational shift of “less is more” has seeped into interior design, demonstrating monumental benefits to homeowners on multiple levels

First, minimalism is shown to improve stress by removing chaotic elements from the home that would otherwise provoke a person physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Second, it reduces home maintenance. When there are fewer items in the home, there is less to clean; thus, reducing the feeling of being a slave to one’s home. 

Third, minimalism provides a more sustainable, “greener” approach to homeownership. By buying less and choosing timeless items, it lowers a homeowner’s eco-footprint. Plus, it helps to save money!

Fourth, minimalism is considered a wise choice for homeowners living in smaller spaces. Having less stuff makes the space feel more extensive as it is less “busy.” 

How to Achieve Minimalism with Blind Installation

#1: Choose Appropriate Styles

The first step to achieving minimalism with blind installation is to choose the appropriate style of window covering for your window or glass door. For example, if you have large, floor-to-ceiling windows, we recommend a vertical blind. The long lines will complement your interior aesthetic but maintain a subtle style. As a comparison, for smaller windows, like in a bathroom, a wood blind with 50mm or wider slats would supply gorgeous horizontal lines to add a hint of intrigue without being overwhelming. 

minimalist blind design for blind installation

#2: Pick a Sustainable Material

Sustainable materials are an excellent choice when chasing minimalistic blind installation as they are often plain, long-lasting, and provide just enough style to be creative but easily blend into the existing aesthetic. 

We recommend a blind installation that utilizes materials such as faux wood, aluminum Venetian blinds, real wood, or plain roller or vertical blinds. 

It is important to keep location in mind when choosing materials, however. Humid places, such as bathrooms and kitchens, need particular materials so as not to crack or mold over time. We suggest materials such as faux wood as it is more durable than traditional wood. 

If you decide that you want drapery as your window covering, it is vital to keep fullness in mind. For example, x1 fullness means that the drapery is precisely the width of the window, so it would hang like a limp bed sheet. In comparison, x3 fullness would provide excess materials and make the installation seem busy rather than minimalistic. Therefore, we recommend an x2 fullness to give just enough fabric to create elegant folds. 

#3: Focus on Neutral Color Palettes

There is a fine line between neutral color palettes and that sterile, hospital-like feel. You never want your interior design to be all one color or a dramatic shade of bright white, as it will make occupants feel uncomfortable. 

Instead, you want to go with light, neutral tones such as off-white, gray, pastels, or even light brown. A calming blue is also considered a minimalistic color as it reminds people of clear skies and serene environments. Altogether, these color palettes help to accent existing color schemes, creating a greater backdrop for the pops of colors distributed throughout the room. 

Additionally, neutral colors such as grey and off-white blend with most décor. So, even if you trade out other interior design elements, your window coverings will easily transition over to the new design.  

#4: Speak with a Professional

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As homeowners, we may or may not have the innate design skill required to make a beautiful home, which is where professional advice becomes incredibly valuable. Professional designers understand how a blind installation will impact the space before it is installed. By touring a home and listening to the needs and wants of the homeowner, they can assess and recommend which blind installation will best suit the home to provide the ultimate minimalistic design. 

The Blind Guys – Minimalist Blind Styles Await Your Home!

Are you looking to create a minimalistic style in your home or update your current blind installation? If so, The Blind Guys are here to help. We have been aiding homeowners of the Tri-Cities to measure, design, and install gorgeous shades, blinds, and shutters for years. 

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