How to Choose the Best Window Treatments for Your Home’s Aesthetics

Designing a stylish home is a challenge for just about anyone, especially when it comes down to the details. Having those finishing touches is what brings the design together and creates a sense of cohesion. Some of the best pieces of decor you can add are window treatments. They can tie together any aesthetic and make a space seem more complete while also being functional, making them a safe investment. If you aren’t sure where to start in picking the best window treatments for your space, here are some key points to keep in mind. 

Deciding on an Inclusive Aesthetic

With so many different aesthetics to choose from, it can take time to hone in on your own personal style. Do you want your home to be chic and modern? Or cozy and homey? Perhaps minimalist and straightforward? There are a plethora of options available, so it may be daunting to settle on just one. If you aren’t certain which style suits your home best, resources like Pinterest and home design magazines are excellent sources of inspiration. 

Whatever style you end up choosing, make sure it matches your existing pieces to create an inclusive feel. Redecorating an entire home can be costly, so it is wiser to work around the pieces you already own and go from there. When deciding what window treatments to buy, consider getting swatches before you commit; that way, you can be positive that your purchase will be perfect.

Types of Window Treatments

window shades installation for window treatments

#1 Shades

Usually made from fabric, shades are a safe bet in any home. They typically fold or roll up, allowing you to control the amount of light coming into a room with little effort. Some even offer insulation, making them an excellent option in exceptionally cold or hot climates. More high-tech brands even have a sensor for how much sunlight there is and will automatically adjust accordingly. Shades will offer a wonderful range of options whether you prefer traditional or more modern styles.

#2 Blinds

Blinds come in a variety of materials and styles, making them one of the most versatile choices. Whether you want something expensive like wood, or a more budget-friendly option, such as fabric or aluminum, you will be able to find something that matches your decor. There are also plenty of high-end blind options to choose from, such as Hunter Douglas and Graber. With a bit of help, you are sure to find something to match your home’s aesthetic.

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#3 Shutters

Perhaps most well-known for being outdoor decor, shutters are also a fantastic choice for indoor use! They provide a distinct architectural design and can function as excellent statement pieces. They look especially lovely in bathrooms and kitchens and can make even the most bland space charming. However, they may mix poorly with some types of design, so be sure to consider how they will look in your current space before making a decision.

#4 Drapes

From grandma’s living room to the chicest penthouse, drapes have been a mainstay in home decor for centuries. While they may not seem as though they are the most fashionable choice, there are plenty of more modern designs and fabrics to choose from. They are a terrific option for layering and creating softer spaces. They are also straightforward to swap out, providing the most opportunities if you like to change your decor frequently.

How to Layer Window Treatments

If you have a hard time settling on just one style or just like the versatility that layering offers, it’s a terrific idea to try and combine different types of window coverings. You can create a unique aesthetic by layering drapes over other types of window decor, such as blinds or shutters. Having layers will also allow you even more control over light levels in your home, making them an excellent choice for sunny locales.

The Importance of Details and Quality

The devil is in the details. This holds true even for something as simple as window coverings! If you want to make the most of your decor, it pays to put effort into even the most minor details. Something as small as hardware can make a drastic difference in aesthetics. We highly suggest analyzing the overall color palette of your existing aesthetic and finding finishes and details that provide contrast or function as accents. Remember, the smallest detail can pull a whole room together!

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There is no argument that quality isn’t worth investing in, and this is still true for window coverings. Of course, you should only spend what you can afford, and you should always plan out a budget in advance, but it is wise to plan to spend money on high-quality pieces. Quality brands, such as Hunter Douglas, can be permanent additions to your home decor and add value to the property, so it may be worth springing for the nicer option!

Bringing It All Together with The Blind Guy

Once you have finally decided on an aesthetic and hopefully chosen the perfect window coverings, it’s time to actually install them. Installing blinds or other treatments yourself is a challenging task, and it is simple to make a mistake. Hiring a professional to help you select the right coverings for your home and install them can be a massive time-saver. Why not reach out to The Blind Guy and schedule a consultation and see just how much a professional opinion can help?