What are the Benefits of Installing Motorized Window Shades?

The Benefits of Installing Motorized Window Shades

Your home is your castle, and you want it to feel like it! The ideal house feels luxurious, safe, tasteful, and, most of all, private. Creating a sense of privacy starts by keeping out prying eyes of people passing by or nosy neighbors. Blinds or motorized window shades are perfect for homeowners seeking privacy protection or light blocking. 

There are plenty of options if you’re in the market for window blinds! However, purchasing new blinds comes with an array of decisions. You must decide what features and functionality you require of your blinds and how they will match the design and aesthetic of your home. Purchasing motorized window shades is an ideal option for many homeowners. They have added functions that can increase your quality of life, your interior design aesthetic, and the value of your home! Read on for the top ten benefits of motorized window blinds!

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1. No Cords, No Hassle or Danger

Traditional window shades come with corded systems, which can be a potential safety risk for homes with younger children and pets. Cords swinging around your home can entangle kids, dogs, and cats; they pose a serious suffocation hazard. Motorized window shades solve all of these problems! They come with an entirely cordless system that eliminates any threats to your unsuspecting charges. 

2. Sun Protection for Furniture and Decor

Long-term direct exposure to the sun can cause irreversible damage to your furniture or home decor. The constant sunlight causes discoloration and fading – damage that can never be repaired or restored. Motorized blinds can protect your home from sun damage. Automated programming allows you to control how much sun shines through the space by adjusting your blinds. You don’t need to alter your blinds every time the sun starts streaming in through your windows – you can set it all up beforehand! This functionality is ideal for homeowners who receive a lot of direct light through their space. 

3. Automation Settings for Motorized Window Shades 

Motorized blinds can be pre-programmed to operate automatically at any time of the day. This is an excellent way to make it seem as though you are home throughout the middle of the day, when you are actually at work. Additionally, this can be especially important when you travel or away from your home for an extended period. This can give the illusion of people moving around your house even if you are busy enjoying your vacation! This can deter potential thieves and keep disturbances away from your doorstep. 

4. Custom Blinds Increase Home Value

Motorized shades can be custom-built to fit the exact measurements of each of your windows. Adding quality blinds to your home can increase its value through professional installation and smart automation capabilities. Buyers see this as a huge bonus not only for their aesthetic but their functionality, and it helps your home stand out on the market!

5. Integrate with your Smart Home System

Let’s face it – the future is digital! Smart home features are becoming increasingly popular. Digitization of functions in your home increases the value and adds to your comfort. As innovative home technology advances, these systems become more valuable when they work together. Motorized blinds work with other smart home systems, such as programmed lights and thermostats, to increase your home’s comfort. 

6. A Multitude of Control Options

Motorized window shades have a variety of control options. You can install wall-mounted wireless switches that operate all the blinds simultaneously when you enter or exit a room. You could also keep a remote control handy, so you never have to leave your chair! Installing an app connected to your motorized shades is also an excellent way to control your blinds, and you can operate them without even being in the house! 

7. Complete Bedroom and Bathroom Privacy

Your bedrooms and bathrooms are the most important to keep private in your home! Yet you don’t want to keep the blinds closed all the time; you still want to let natural light into these spaces. Motorized window shades can help you easily adjust your blinds when you want to increase the privacy of these spaces without manually needing to lower each set of blinds. 

8. Increase Your Home Energy Efficiency 

Motorized blinds can increase your house’s energy efficiency by adding increased insulation and light control to your rooms. They can be programmed to open entirely throughout the day, so you don’t have to use as many lights and lamps. They can provide shade against the hottest times of the day, keeping your home cooler. Maximizing your lighting and heating efficiency can significantly impact your monthly utility bills.

9. Buttons Give You Easy Control

When you’re relaxing, you have no interest in getting up to fix the window shades. Motorized blinds are an excellent way to avoid this hassle. At the push of a button, you can adjust the light in your home or your privacy. No matter what you are in the middle of, changing the atmosphere is a short click away! This can also be useful for altering the shades on hard-to-reach windows. 

10. Shades Can Improve Sleep Quality

Traditional black-out curtains can cause jolting wake-ups in the morning, taking you from complete darkness to light in seconds. Installing motorized shades can provide a more natural, alternative solution. They keep your room dark at night and can be programmed to let morning light shine in gradually. This slower, nature-inspired wake-up can set a peaceful tone to your day rather than that awful open moment of opening up the curtains to a blinding sun when you’re still half asleep.

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How The Blind Guy of Tri-Cities Can Help

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