What are the Most Popular Window Blinds and Shutters?

When buying window coverings for the first time or even replacing existing ones, the sheer quantity of types and styles can be overwhelming. You need window blinds or shutters that meet your home’s needs, but every product is just a little different. Today, we are sharing with you the most popular window blinds and shutters on the market to help you narrow down what aspects are most important to you, your family, and your home. 

Top 5 Most Popular Window Blinds & Shutters

Cellular Shades for Energy Savings

cellular shades from Blind Guy of Tri-Cities

Whether you want to keep your home cooler in the heat of summer, warmer in the dead of winter, or both, but don’t want to deal with massive energy bills, cellular shades are the way to go. Cellular shades feature two layers of fabric with cells in between to create an air pocket. Overall, the design helps to insulate the room and prevent energy from escaping through the windows. 

Graber Blinds CrystalPleat Cellular Shades are a top favorite due to their exceptional design and variety of styles to suit the unique aesthetics of various rooms and décor. Their proprietary coating provides homeowners with continuous protection from bacteria, mold, and other typical shade concerns to promote more excellent health and wellness inside the home. 

Cordless Blinds for Added Safety

The traditional functionality for blinds was to have a hanging cord connected to the headrail at the top of the window. Homeowners use the cords to adjust the shades up and down. While inherently a simple system, hanging cords can be dangerous for homes with children and pets, even if they just come by to visit. Nine children under the age of five die annualy due to getting tangled in window coverings and their cords, averages the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Fortunately, this is 100% preventable!

Cordless blinds remove the danger from your home, improve your interior aesthetic by removing messy rope lines, and are still easy to operate. For example, Alta has a variety of cordless blinds. Homeowners can lift the blinds manually, use an installed Powerwand, or go fully automatic, adjusting the blinds with just a touch of a button. You never have to worry about your kiddo or furry friend getting caught in a window cord again. 

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Black Out Window Treatments for Privacy & Rest

At the end of the day, our homes are our sanctuaries. They are where we escape from the world, unwind, and recenter to tackle the next day. When we get home, blocking out the outside world can be soothing. Black-out window covers provide homeowners with a private, quiet, and dark space where they can relax. Black-out window treatments are perfect for bedrooms and entertainment zones to block out light and create the ideal dark room for a restful sleep or a fun movie night. 

Hunter Douglas has a wide selection of room-darkening window treatments. Our favorite is the Vignette Roman Shades which feature no exposed rear cords, modern operating systems, and over 25 options for fabric and color choices. Whether you want to prevent streetlamp light from streaming in your window, stop the morning sun from waking you up too early, or get that quintessential dark room for your TV screen, these will suit you. 

Roller Blinds or Shades for Versatility & Affordability

Roller blinds and shades have stood as a top choice among window treatments for many years due to their versatility and affordability. These highly effective blinds and shades provide excellent privacy, simple operation, and easy maintenance. To clean them, all you have to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth. Their sleek, minimal design pairs well with contemporary or minimalist aesthetics. While you may be thinking of a simple white shade, these window treatments actually come in a wide variety of colors, providing homeowners with many options in their design choices. 

Hunter Douglas provides designer roller shades to give homeowners a clean, minimalist design that compliments almost every aesthetic. With smooth operation features, minimal light gaps, and over 350 fabric and color combinations options, they are an ideal choice for homeowners looking for an affordable and beautiful window treatment. 

custom shutters in the living room Blind Guy of Tri-Cities

Custom Shutters to Suit Your Unique Needs

While some may think that shutters are only an exterior window treatment option, shutters are for interior design as well. Shutters are a popular choice due to their durability, ease of use, and timeless aesthetic. They are resistant to standard wear and tear, are simple to clean, and provide 99% UV protection when fully closed. They create a unique visual statement for a room that highlights one’s windows and makes them appear even larger than they are. 

Alta creates custom shutters to suit the unique needs of each homeowner. Their Eclipse Polyresin Shutters are crazy durable, classically beautiful, and are guaranteed to never chip, discolor, warp, peel, or crack, regardless of extreme heat or moisture. 

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