Where Can I Buy Replacement Slats for My Horizontal Blinds?

Horizontal blinds are a valuable addition to any home. They keep your home private and safe from prying eyes and allow you to adjust the light as you wish throughout the day. Their slats work as one system to keep your home shady – when one slat breaks, it must be quickly remedied to achieve a shady space.

If you have children, they may have pulled on your blinds or crashed into them while playing. Your curious pet might have gotten too excited and gotten tangled up while keeping watch on that pesky mail delivery person through the windows. If your horizontal blinds undergo enough stress, they will eventually snap or bend irreparably, no matter what material they are. However, it is unlikely that you must replace the entire blind if a few slats break. You can usually find a similar replacement slat to suit your needs!

Types of Replacement Blind Slats

Horizontal blinds come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. Common types are wood, faux wood, fabric, or aluminum. Any of these blinds are subject to wear and tear and can eventually break. Luckily, it is usually easy to find substitution slats! If the blind system is still working, you can simply remove the broken slat and substitute a new one. These slats often come in packs, so you can repair a few and save some backups for the future! 

How to Replace Your Blind Slats

If you are interested in a DIY project, try to install new slats yourself! First, you must remove the plugs at the bottom of your blinds. Untie the knots, and find the broken slat. Pull the lift cords through the route holes until you reach the slat, then remove it from the ladder strings. Slide your replacement blind slat in place, and rest it on the ladder rungs. When you’re finished, thread the lift cord back through the holes, alternating left to right on each ladder rung. At the bottom, insert the cord through the last hole, tie a knot, and replace the plugs into the bottom slat. Finish your project by securing the plugs with the soft hammer tap to keep them in place. For a more detailed explanation, contact a professional blind installer or check out an online tutorial. 

Finding Replacement Blind Slats Near You

If you’re in search of replacement blinds or slats, never fear! You have plenty of options. The most challenging aspect of your search will be finding slats that match your current blinds. There are several ways to find what you are looking for: 

1. New Slats from The Blind Guy

Are you looking for a professional opinion or a seasoned set of eyes? Look for your replacements from The Blind Guy. If you are looking for high-quality, customizable blinds or replacements, we have a range of options from the top brands in the industry. We will design your replacements with accurate measurements and color-matching your old slats. We specialize in custom replacements – we pay attention to each detail of your blinds to ensure that you receive a new slat that fits in seamlessly with your others. Additionally, working with a professional company like ours can help you with the reinstallation process and will keep a record of your blinds to assist you with any future needs. The Blind Guy is a convenient, quick, and easy way to find the replacement you’re seeking!

2. Finding Slats While In-Store Shopping

Even though we are in the digital age, shopping online for replacement slats can be difficult. It is difficult to match the color of paint or shade or stain of wood on your blinds to a picture on a screen. You don’t want to order new slats to have to send them back because they don’t match! If you’re not confident in an online purchase, try finding replacements the old-fashioned way – in an actual store! Home improvement stores or big box retailers are likely to be your best bet – try Walmart, Ace Hardware, Lowe’s, and Home Depot. 

Pro Tip: If you are searching in-store, bring your broken slat piece with you to perform a side-by-side comparison or to utilize in asking for assistance. 

3. You Can Purchase Custom Replacements

You can purchase a custom-made slat if you cannot find a replacement in a store or online to match your current treatment. To order a custom design, you must have your route hole measurements, slat measurements, materials, and shades. Customization is an ideal solution for those with a unique material or color. However, most companies cannot guarantee that even custom dyes will perfectly match your existing blind. Additionally, not all custom blinds are created equal – you must be very selective about which company you work with to receive a quality product. 

4. Searching for Your Replacements Online

There are several places you can purchase blind slats online. If you search on Amazon, you can find many standard replacement blinds and slats, often in large quantity packs. Home improvement stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot have a significant range of replacement blinds. They frequently have offerings online or on their apps that you cannot find in every store. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, check out home decor sites like Wayfair or a reseller’s marketplace like eBay.

How The Blind Guy of Tri-Cities Can Help

Are you looking to replace slats in your blinds in the Eastern Washington area? The Blind Guy of Tri-Cities is here to help! We have decades of professional experience in every type of blind, from installation to replacement. We work with your needs, budget, and decor to find the perfect solution for your window treatment. Visit our website for more information or check out our products and services. Set up a blind installation appointment with The Blind Guy of Tri-Cities, and start your journey towards better-looking windows!