Which Window Shutter Colors Should You Choose for Your Home?

The exterior of a home is the first impression a visitor will have on you, your family, and your house. While we want to make a statement with our home color palette, we certainly don’t want to cause your guests to cringe. You may think, “But there are so many colors to choose from; how will I ever decide?” Today, we share an easy sequence to find your shutter color inspiration and the most popular colors available. 

How to Find Color Inspiration for Your Window Shutters

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Narrow Down Choices Based on Restrictions

Before falling in love with any one color, we recommend determining if you have any restrictions on what you can choose. Typically, this only applies to residences that are part of a homeowner’s association. There may be rules and guidelines on the type of window treatments you can have. If you do have such restrictions, scratch those colors off the list! 

Make a Note of Your Base Color

Next, it is vital to consider your base color. While you can technically put orange shutters on a neon green home, we certainly don’t recommend it. You will want your shutter color to either add a subtle compliment to an already bold base paint or add a pop of color to a neutral palette. 

Keep in mind that shutters that match the trim of your home around doors and windows, will make smaller windows look larger than they really are., 

Take a Walk Through the Neighborhood

The best way to find color inspiration for your shutters is to find what you like, literally! Take a walk around the neighborhood and see which colors speak to you and how they pair with your neighbor’s home’s base color. We suggest taking more than one stroll! Go at different times of the day to see how the light changes. If you feel extra dedicated, take your color swatches to compare in real time!  

Consider Your Personal Tastes

At the end of the day, your home is a reflection of you. How you feel as you look at your house is the most essential aspect to consider. Whether that ends up being white on white, purple on orange, or anything in between, if you are happy, that’s all that matters! 

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The Colors for Window Treatments to Make Your Home Look Beautiful

We advise homeowners to choose a color scheme that tickles their fancy while adhering to basic design principles. Certain matches are timeliness and beautiful, including the following: 

Brick & Dark, Earthy Tones

Many homes have beautiful brick siding featuring a variety of hues within the stones. If you have that traditional red brick design, you can easily accent to create a natural aesthetic that blends with the environment by choosing earthy tones, such as dark green. Alternatively, if you already have black accents on your home, black shutters can make the red of your brick pop for a more striking appearance. 

White & Lighter Shades

White homes are both timeless and functional. A white base color can make your home seem larger while controlling temperature fluctuation inside the house. If you want to keep your home looking subtle and classic, we recommend light-color shutters just a few shades darker than the base color paint. 

White & Dark Hues

While light-colored shutters on a white home create a classy vibe, some people find it boring. We recommend dark-hued shutters if you want to add a pop of color to add more drama to your aesthetic. Depending on the accents and surroundings of your home, you could choose forest green, cobalt blue, or even garnet red. 

Beige & White or Black

Similar to a white base color, beige goes well with white, black, and other dark hues. We recommend choosing white shutters if you have a smaller home, as it will make it appear larger. Alternatively, black and dark shades will give it a pop of color. 

Tan & Earth Tones

Unlike white and beige, tan has a more natural look to it, similar to the color of sand. Due to this, earthy tones create a compelling color palette that works exceptionally well if the home has some natural vegetation around it, like tall trees, shrubs, or flower beds. We recommend using forest green or earthy brown. 

Bright & White Balance

Not all homes have a neutral color palette as their base, but a bold choice! We have seen homes in shades of lavender, teal, yellow, and everything else. When you have a bright or bold color for your base paint, you will want to complement it with a neutral color for your window treatments. If one were to choose another bold or bright color, it would clash horribly. Therefore, we suggest white or another light shade!

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Install Your Window Shutter Treatments with The Blind Guy

Shutters can add functionality and beauty to homes, but choosing the perfect shutters for your home is more than just picking out colors. There are various types and styles of shutters to choose from that will impact your home’s appearance. The Blind Guy is a professional shutter installation company that will ensure that you have the perfect shutters to fit your home’s aesthetic and install them with ease. To get started, please set up a consultation by using our contact form. In the meantime, we recommend reviewing our partnered manufacturers’ products to see which shutters and colors spark your fancy. Visit us and schedule your window shutter installation in Tri-Cities and Wenatchee.