Window Treatments for Challenging Windows: Solutions for Odd Shapes and Sizes

Window treatments are a silent hero of our homes – they are for more than aesthetics; they control light in your spaces and shield your home from prying eyes. Choosing the right window treatments can be a delightful adventure, allowing you to enhance your living space’s aesthetics and functionality. However, the struggle is real if you have non-standard windows with odd shapes and sizes! The task of selecting the right blinds or curtains becomes exponentially more complex. 

Whether your windows are arched, bay, skylights, unusually large or small, high to reach, or angled in a retro style, they pose unique challenges that require innovative solutions. Today, we will delve into window treatments and explore practical and creative options for dressing challenging windows. We will emphasize the importance of custom solutions tailored to your needs and how The Blind Guy of Tri-Cities can help!

Different Types of Challenging Windows and Treatment Options

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Here are some solutions for some of the most typical challenging windows: 

1. Unique Arched Windows

Arched windows have graceful curves and add a unique craftsman aesthetic to any home. Although this architectural interest is worth the additional effort, arched windows can be tricky to dress due to their unconventional shape. Curtains, drapes, and fabric hide the effect arched windows have on a room, so consider custom-made cellular shades or blinds instead. Cellular or honeycomb shades are the most versatile option for arched windows. These window treatments can follow the curve of the window, providing a tailored fit while maintaining the elegant lines of the arch. They also offer insulation, energy efficiency, and a sleek appearance that complements the window’s structure. 

2. Beautiful Bay Windows

Bay windows are a feature in the front of many traditional homes. These windows have multiple angles, giving them multifaceted beauty and enhancing your house’s indoor and outdoor architectural interest. However, their various angles and projects require treatments that complement each facet. Opting for custom-designed drapes or curtains can enhance the individual sections of the bay. Using separate treatments for each window can give a unique, artsy vibe, while a continuous treatment that spans the entire bay can bring it together with a unified, cohesive look. Choose fabric and patterns that tie the look together while adding a touch of sophistication. 

3. Stunning and Bright Skylights

Skylights invite natural light into your home more than any other window; however, their positioning is tricky for light control options and privacy. Skylight blinds are the perfect window treatment solution; specifically engineered for overhead windows, these blinds allow you to control the amount of light entering and provide privacy without obstructing the view. They come in various materials and opacities and have motorized options for unreachable spaces. Whichever options you choose, skylight blinds can help you control light from these beautiful features. 

4. Unusually Large or Small Windows

If you have unusually sized windows in your home, you can quickly run into challenges of scale. Larger or smaller-than-average windows require unique treatments to maintain a balanced aesthetic. For larger windows, consider motorized shades or blinds. This modern option allows you to operate your window treatment efficiently and provides convenient light control without having to reach or strain. For smaller windows, custom-made Roman shades add a touch of elegance and can be made to fit any proportions. This tailored look enhances the window’s proportions and can help it become an architectural feature in your home. 

Tips on Measuring and Installation for Odd-Shaped and Sized Windows

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If you’ve done any home improvements, you know getting it right the first time is essential. Here are some tips for measuring and installing window treatments for your unique windows: 

1. Focus on Accurate Measurements

Accurate measurements are paramount to any project. If you start with faulty measurements, you will not only get the wrong product but also make a costly error. For arched windows, measure the width at the base and the height along the curve. When measuring bay windows, measure each section individually, even if you purchase a continuous treatment. If you’re measuring a skylight, get a buddy and a ladder to safely and precisely take measurements for both width and height. Similarly, large or small windows need perfect measurements to ensure a perfect fit – even if they are unusual shapes, try drawing a diagram for ordering the window treatments. 

2. Consider Different Mounting Options

When designing your window treatment, you usually have two mounting options – inside and outside mounts. Inside mounts create a clean, streamlined look. These window treatments are mounted inside the frame or trim of the window and help achieve a sleek, more minimalist vibe that allows your window treatment to blend into the background. Outside mounts add visual height to your window and make more of a statement. Outside mounts are the best choice to feature your unique window treatments as a primary focal point in your decor. 

3. Hire a Professional Blind Installer

Custom or challenging window treatments require a seasoned hand. Seeking professional installation can ensure that treatments fit perfectly, operate smoothly, and enhance the overall aesthetics of your windows. Hiring a pro saves you time, and you get sage advice on which treatments are best for your windows and home’s aesthetic. 

The Importance of Professional Consultation with Blind Guy of Tri-Cities

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There are endless options in the world of window treatments; however, tackling challenging windows often requires a personalized touch. At the Blind Guy of Tri-Cities, we specialize in custom solutions, ensuring that your window treatments are tailored to fit your unique windows seamlessly. Our experienced designers provide insights into different blind options to enhance the beauty and functionality of your non-standard windows and work with the specific challenges posed by your windows. Our technicians are focused on achieving accurate measurements and professional installation crucial for odd-shaped and sized windows, ensuring a flawless fit and operation. With The Blind Guy of Tri-Cities in your corner, the window treatment options are endless, and precise and professional installation is just a phone call away!

How The Blind Guy of Tri-Cities Can Help

Are you dealing with challenging window shapes and sizes? Don’t let it be a puzzle! If you’re interested in finding the perfect fit for your unique windows in the Tri-Cities Washington area, the Blind Guy of Tri-Cities is here to help! Our expertise is crafting customized window treatment solutions that perfectly match your needs. Our professional team is ready to start your journey toward your dream window treatments – contact The Blind Guy of Tri-Cities today for expert advice and tailor-made solutions!