How To Clean Your Custom Blinds: Tips and Tricks

Have you recently installed custom blinds in your home? Or maybe you are considering investing in new blinds soon. Custom window treatments are an investment that can provide privacy and light control while matching seamlessly with any home aesthetic. However, like any object in your home, your new feature will require blind cleaning from time to time. 

8 Tips and Tricks for Blind Cleaning

If you’ve invested in custom blinds, you want to ensure you’re adequately maintaining them to protect your investment and keep your home in pristine condition. Here are some tips and tricks for effective window treatment cleaning! 

1. Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Your blinds came with detailed manufacturer’s instructions for care, so be sure to put them to good use! Different materials have specific cleaning requirements, so it is best to consult the instructions to avoid any potential damage. 

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2. Regular Dusting Required

Dust, dirt, and debris can build up on surfaces in any home. Regular dusting is essential to prevent buildup on your blinds. Use a feather duster, microfiber cloth, soft-bristled brush, or a Swiffer-like duster. Be sure to close the blinds fully to have exposure to the maximum surface area and dust each slat individually, starting at the top. Don’t forget to clean both sides! Venetian, roller, and cellular blinds can be cleaned with these materials.

3. Try a Vacuum

A light vacuum can help suck a layer of dirt and debris from your blinds. Use the elongated brush attachment and a low suction setting. Run the brush along each slat without applying too much pressure. This method can be used for fabric blinds or blinds with textured surfaces. Vacuuming is especially useful for Roman and vertical blinds, which can be easily vacuumed from top to bottom.

4. Spot Clean Stains

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If you’re trying to get a specific spot out, you can clean your custom blinds with a mild cleaning solution. You can use something as simple as warm water and mild detergent on a damp, clean cloth or sponge for blind cleaning. Gently blot the stained area without scrubbing too vigorously, then rinse and pat dry. 

5. Steam Clean Fabric

A handheld steamer can be an excellent cleaning tool if you have fabric or material blinds. Use the setting suitable for the material and hold the device a few inches away from the blinds or curtains. Move the machine sweepingly along each section, and it will help lift dirt and grime from the surface. If you are steaming fabric blinds, such as roller blinds or Roman blinds, leave them down until the fabric is completely dry afterward. 

6. Test Any Cleaning Product First

If you try cleaning your blinds with a new product or cleaning solution, test it first. Try it out on a small, inconspicuous area of one of your custom window treatments – an obscure corner or back that is out of sight. Make sure to wait a few days and ensure it does not interact with direct sunlight. This will help verify that the solution is safe for your blinds and doesn’t cause any future discoloration or damage. 

7. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Avoid using harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners on any blind. They can damage the materials of the blinds and react negatively with direct sunlight. Stick to mild cleaning solutions, especially those recommended by the manufacturer. When in doubt, a simple mixture of warm water and a mild detergent will do the trick! 

8. Call In The Professionals

If your custom window treatments have sustained damage or require deep cleaning, or you are unsure of how to clean them yourself, it is time to call in a professional blind company. Professionals have the expertise and equipment to clean your blinds effectively without causing any damage and know exactly what tools and solutions to restore them to their original glory. 

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How To Maintain the Beauty of Your Custom Blinds Over Time

Maintaining the beauty of your blinds over time comes down to regular maintenance. Dust your blinds often, and avoid touching them with dirty hands to minimize the contact of oil, grease, and excessive dirt. Additionally, try to keep your children and pets away from the blinds to prevent damage, and use caution when operating them. Clean up spills and stains promptly to avoid permanent discoloration. Incorporating blind maintenance into your weekly household cleaning will help save you in the long run by keeping your investment in pristine condition!

How To Avoid Damage to Your Custom Window Treatments

Handling your custom window treatments with care is essential to avoid damage and ensure their longevity. It would be best to handle your blinds gently, avoiding excessive force that can lead to the bending or breaking of slats or damage to the mechanisms. Excessive direct sunlight and UV rays can damage your blinds in the long run, so try to use curtains, shades, or protective films to minimize the amount of sunlight that reaches your blinds. Keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent dust and debris accumulation, and avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that can damage the material. Keep your blinds away from moisture, which can warp them, and periodically inspect them for damage. If you encounter an issue, call a professional blind company to help! 

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How The Blind Guy Can Help

Are you in need of blind cleaning in the Tri-Cities, Washington, area? The Blind Guy of Tri-Cities is here to help! Our team of custom window treatment professionals has years of experience installing and maintaining blinds of all shapes, sizes, and designs. We will carefully inspect your custom blinds and find and implement the best cleaning solutions for your home. Visit our website to check out our services, or contact The Blind Guy for more information on custom window treatments and their care.