What are the Benefits of Window Covering Installation?

There is something so soothing about opening the blinds first thing in the morning and wishing the world a lovely day! As a homeowner, window covering installation is vital to any home. Not only will it add value to the house, but it will provide these five incredible benefits.

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5 Benefits Homeowners Get from Window Covering Installation 

1. Privacy Protection from Peepers

Whether you are best friends with your neighbors or can’t stand them, nobody wants the entire neighborhood to know the details of their home and family life. They don’t need to see you cooking dinner, chasing the kids around, or watching a movie. By completing a window covering installation, homeowners can rest assured that their home is protected from peepers. You can control how much of your home is visible to outsiders as well as when and what people can see. 

Plus, window coverings are more than just gossip-prevention; they also keep your home private from potential thieves. Expensive items such as electronics, jewelry, and appliances may entice a burglar to choose a house, but window coverings can keep them from seeing your valuables.

Pro Tip: External window coverings like shutters can add even more home protection. Shutters can be designed as a physical obstacle for thieves to get past and can even be hooked up to home alarm systems. If you want to keep your home extra safe in your absence, external window coverings are an excellent idea!   

2. Controlled External Light 

As much as we may love sunshine and the glow of streetlights at night, it doesn’t mean we want them all the time. We all know what it is like to want to hide away from the outside world and its brightness every now and then. With window covering installation, homeowners control how much external light comes into their homes. Such coverings prevent:

  • Getting woken up by the early morning sun
  • Sleep disruption from the street, car, or other external lights
  • Glare from shiny external sources
  • Screen glare from the sunshine itself

3. UV Protection for Furnishings

Solar damage is a challenge for any homeowner, as it can easily and quickly sap the color and vibrancy out of furnishings, flooring, paint, and décor. Plus, if the sun only shines in a particular spot through the window, one can end up with sunspots on their most precious items. Fortunately, most window covering installations can prevent solar damage. 

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The best window covering installation to prevent solar damage includes:

  • Solar shades
  • Cellular window shades
  • Fabricated roman shades
  • Blackout blinds

Pro Tip: We recommend reviewing the available window covering products and speaking with a professional installation company to determine which option is best for you.  

4. Energy Efficiency to Save Money

According to Energy.gov, “About 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through windows. In cooling seasons, about 76% of sunlight that falls on standard double-pane windows enters to become heat.” Rather than letting your hard-earned dollars literally float out the window, window covering installations can lower energy bills, regulate home temperatures, and provide additional comfort to the residents of your home. You can reduce over 30% heat gain or loss through proper window covering operation, saving you thousands of dollars in energy bills in the long run! 

Pro Tip: To ensure that one gets the most energy-saving bang for their buck, it does take a bit of effort. While most homeowners leave their window coverings in a static position, they must be opened and closed at the appropriate times of the day to get the best advantage. During the summer, most homeowners will need to close the window coverings that receive direct sunlight in the morning and reopen them at night. Of course, it will be the reverse for the winter. 

5. Unique Home Styling to Your Preference

Window coverings take up much of the aesthetic space of a home. Just think about how much of your walls are windows or glass doors! Therefore, when designing a home, a homeowner must find a suitable window covering installation to enhance their style. With a good choice, a homeowner can improve the internal and external aesthetic, increase home value, and create a unique styling perfected to their preference. 

There are many window covering installation options to choose from; we get that it can be a tricky choice. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. You can hire a professional design and installation company to aid you in choosing the perfect option for your home! 

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The Blind Guys are Your Premier Window Covering Installers

No matter what benefit you desire most out of window covering, a proper installation is critical to ensure the best quality for your home. If you are located in the Tri-Cities, Wenatchee, Yakima, or surrounding areas, The Blind Guys are just a call away. You can rely on our dedicated and experienced professional to measure, design, and install stunning shades, blinds, and shutters at an affordable price.

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